Settlement Services

We serve the settlement needs of newcomers from Kirkland Lake to James Bay.

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Needs Assessment and Referrals

We provide newcomers to Canada with a thorough needs assessment aimed at identifying client needs followed by relevant and appropriate referrals to community services and programs based on identified needs.


Information and Orientation

We provide our clients with timely, accurate and relevant information on a broad range of topics covering various aspects of life in their community and in Canada. We also provide assistance with the following:

  1. Permanent Resident applications and renewals

  2. Canadian Citizenship applications

  3. Accessing immigration documents

  4. Social activities

  5. Employment support

  6. Professional document translation ( fee for service)

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Community Connections

Under our Community Connections program we facilitate a range of group sessions and workshops aimed at introducing newcomer clients to welcoming, safe and inclusive spaces, connecting clients with other newcomers and volunteers in the community, building newcomer support networks and promoting outreach and awareness.